AGL’s polluting coal plants should have been shut down years ago. For too long the fossil fuel industry has had easy access to our politicians and used the climate as its dumping ground. If companies like AGL keep burning fossil fuels at the current rate over the next six years, dangerous, runaway climate change will be locked in.

It’s time for action that is…


The science is simple – AGL cannot go on burning coal and gas until 2050. Australia’s energy needs to be 100% clean long before then. The systems and technology to shift out of the pollution business already exists. What’s lacking is political and commercial ambition. It’s time for AGL to demonstrate true leadership. AGL must have a plan to close down its coal projects and to get out of gas. A plan that is measured in years, not decades. Anything less is greenwash.

Fair and Planned

As Australia’s biggest climate polluter, AGL must be at the forefront of planning to close its dirty coal power stations and replace them with clean energy. Leaving closure to chance means leaving workers and communities in the lurch. A major transition away from coal and gas is already happening in communities across Australia. But to ensure this happens fairly there must be the opportunity for workers and communities to shift to alternate industries well before projects close. It’s time for AGL to live up to its talk and commit to a timeline and plan for coal and gas closure.

Frequently Asked Questions

AGL is Australia’s biggest carbon polluter by a large margin. Over 80% of the energy it produces comes from coal. Eighteen months ago the company purchased two of Australia’s largest coal plants, sending the company's emissions skyrocketing and exposing its commitment to coal.
Origin and EnergyAustralia both have a lot to answer for and must also develop rapid coal closure and transition plans. We are focussing on AGL because it is Australia’s biggest polluter and because we expect them to match its greenwash marketing with action.
Despite political and corporate challenges, the renewable energy industry is booming in Australia and the cost of solar and wind energy continues to fall at an incredible pace. Numerous independent and Government reports have shown that a transition to 100% clean energy is possible but that it requires clear policy from our political leaders and action from energy companies. That is why we are building a national movement to push for AGL to close down all fossil fuel projects.
Due to poor planning, the crash in the coal price and the appeal of renewables, our old energy system is already in a state of upheaval. This creates considerable uncertainty for workers and communities. It’s vital that companies like AGL work with governments and communities to plan for the closure of its coal plants and gas projects in a way that supports workers and local communities. The team is actively campaigning for a fair and planned energy transition that minimises impact on workers and coal and gas communities.
The past two years have shown the power our movement can wield over corporations and governments. Across the country from the Galiee Basin and the Illawarra to Gloucester and the Northern Rivers, communities have stopped the coal and gas industries in their tracks. In 2015 our national campaign helped stop Australia’s largest banks from backing one of the world’s largest proposed coal projects. People everywhere are showing that they are ready to do what it takes to keep fossil fuels in the ground and we’re confident that AGL will listen to customer and community pressure to speed up the transition from polluting fossil fuels to clean energy.
Yes! Here are just a few ready-made resources that can help you raise awareness, take action and build the movement in your community. By signing up to the campaign, you can get regular updates and alerts about meeting and actions happening in your city.
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