To the Board and CEO of AGL — I call on you, as Australia’s biggest climate polluter, to commit to closing down all coal and gas sections of your business by the end of 2025. Your company needs a plan to make the transition from fossil fuels fair and with the involvement of impacted communities. It’s time to match your company’s actions with your green-washed words. That’s why this year I am joining the campaign for a fossil free AGL. Signed,


This year we are building a movement to push AGL to get out of fossil fuels. As Australia’s biggest polluter, the company is critical to a fair and rapid move away from dirty power. Since the new CEO came onboard in 2015 AGL has been talking the talk about climate change. The problem is the company hasn’t been walking the walk. By exposing AGL’s greenwash, working with customers and shareholders across the country and supporting the work of local communities to take on AGL’s polluting projects, we will hit AGL where it hurts and show that there is no choice but to close down its coal plants and get off gas.

Join the campaign today and call on AGL to get out of the business of fossil fuel energy. 


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