We’re inviting you or your group to take part in an easy photo action to show your support for the campaign.

AGL is a dirty energy giant, and to shift them we need to build a network of groups right across the country calling for the company to deliver a plan to exit fossil fuels within a decade.

On September 28, community members, AGL customers and shareholders will have a presence at AGL’s AGM in Sydney to hold the company’s board of directors to account on it’s dirty fossil fuel dependency.

In the week before the AGM (Sept 19-26) take a photo in your community with a simple sign that says: 


It can be a selfie, a snap with your friends or a big community photo!

We’ll blow up the images and have community members hold them outside the AGM to demonstrate widespread community demand for Australia’s Biggest Climate Polluter to exit fossil fuels.

Below we’ve created an easy guide for you to take part! You can also download a PDF version of the guide to share with your group. 

Contact with any questions.

Photo Action Guide


1. Pick an iconic location in your community for the photo shoot.

If you can, try to find a place that is unique to or symbolises your location. For example, the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour or a sign to the entry of your town/suburb.

2. Gather your friends, family and supporters!

If you’ve been using the Fossil Free AGL petition to gather names of supporters or AGL customers/shareholders, call them up and invite them along to take part! This is a great way to engage new people in the campaign. Short on time? Why not bring the sign along to an upcoming event you’re hosting.

3. Snap a photo with the sign

You can arrange the photo any time from now until 25th September.

Your photo could look something like this: 12694528_569096399912391_6525030468857074691_o

4. Email the photo to us

at straight after your action and definitely by Sunday 25th September. Include your location + Fossil Free AGL in the subject line. Put your name or your group’s name and any other relevant information in the body of the email.


In the week before AGL’s AGM (September 19-26):

1) Post the photos directly onto AGL’s Facebook page with a message about why you’re joining the Fossil Free AGL campaign
2) Tweet the photo and a message directly to @AGL_energy and AGL’s CEO @AndyVesey_AGL
Use the campaign hashtag #DirtyAGL on Facebook and Twitter Example post/tweet: “Hi @AndyVesey_AGL Eurobodallah just joined the campaign calling on @AGL_energy to go fossil free within a decade #DirtyAGL Some more info + other messaging ideas can be found in the Campaign and Actions Guide.